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Last updated: 01/17/2010

Collected information

We collect information through several forms on our web site. No information is collected for any purpose other then your enjoyment of TrustedOnes.

The following types of information are collected:

For information that you provide to us directly, we store:

  • Your user name and an encrypted version of your password as your login details.
  • Your email address, and any other personal details that you fill out on our profile page.
  • Photos you upload to your profile.
  • Review information.
  • Any additional information provided to us using the account settings page.

For information that is automatically collected, we store:

  • Messages you send to friends through our messaging system.
  • Review ratings and scores (number of thank yous, notes, first, etc.)

How is stored personal information used:
  • "first" and "last" names are visible to friends, in case they don't know who "dz1432" is.
  • "first" and "last" names are displayed when a friend is searching for you.
  • "address" is kept private.
  • "zip code" is private.
  • "user name" is not private.
Control the Display and Use of Your Information

At any time, you can visit your TrustedOnes account settings, to:

  • Modify your personal information.
  • Specify which types and frequency of information you will receive via email.
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